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Prom Updo Hairstyles

How can I get that classy updo prom or formal hairstyle? First you need medium to long length hair. You will also need some ponytail holders, gel, and long pins. Don't rely on too much hair gel as this just makes your hair stiff. You want your curls to be loose. First, pull your hair up, use some baby powder to add fullness and then tease your hair. You have to slick back your hair with gel. Part it on the side and pull the hair down. You may need the help of a hair rat. It will help you pull your hair down if you have real smooth hair. You will still need lots of long pins.

Top Women Hairstyles For 2011

2011 will see some amazing new hairstyles along with improved versions of well known styles for women. The fact that there are modern gadgets, tools, equipments and products on the market that make hair styling so much easier than in previous years, women can really be daring when styling their strands. Curly hair styles

If you have a natural curly hair, you're in luck, however if you have straight hair and you want to try out curly, now is the best time to do it. Using natural hair enhances such as proteins and various vitalizing products is one of the top trends this year. Curly hair that is pulled up also gives a romantic touch that men so much love. Some of the styling products that can be used to achieve these curly updo styles are hair bands, bobby pins and medium tooth combs.

Great Ideas For Long Wedding Hairstyles

Choosing the right wedding hairstyle needs to reflect the bride's personality and how she likes to present herself. Don't be tempted to try a completely new hairstyle for your wedding. If the bride has had long hair for quite some time, and she has been comfortable with that, it is best to work with her hair at that length. Now, let's consider various long wedding hairstyles that make wonderful choices for brides with long hair. The first choice is whether the bride wants to wear her hair in an updo, long and flowing, or partially swept up. Wedding dresses with bare shoulders and low necklines go well with long, flowing hairstyles. Wearing a long, flowing hairstyle with a high-necked wedding dress that covers the chest may look too busy overall.However low cut, bare-shouldered dresses can really suit an updo, with long curling tendrils pulled down from it, and drop earrings.

Topknots are also an elegant, timeless choice for women with long hair. Whichever long wedding hairstyle a bride chooses, there are different ways to adorn the hair, such as placing small clips, barrettes, or special curled pieces throughout the style. Ensure that whatever style you choose will work well with your wedding veil. Brides with long hair have many beautiful choices for their wedding hairstyles.

Women Hairstyles

Hairstyles of women had achieved wide variations from time to time. Depending upon the nature of occasion, women's hairstyle differs and varies. Women's hairstyle can be verified depending upon the length of the tresses. Everyone desires for long and lustrous hair and hairstyle worn out on lustrous hair is more appealing and has a great impact upon one's personality. Hair saloons and hair dressers works really wonders here to give a new look to a woman with a specific hairstyle depending upon the nature of occasion. Types of women hairstyle:


Women hair styles are usually categorized into three styles:

1. Short hair styles: Short hair style has been tried by every woman at some point of their life. This style makes hair quite manageable and this style rarely goes out of fashion. Short hair style can either be straight or curly and accentuated with highlights etc. Short hair can be made very much trendy with expert hair dressers touch of hand.

2. Medium hair style: Medium hairstyles are in fact, the safest and most flexible hair lengths.

3. Long hair style: Women having long hair has better prospect of beautiful hair styling. Hair colors have always better option for highlighting of hair and hair styling.

Short Curly Hairstyles

If you have naturally curly hair, giving this hairstyle a try is a great idea. If your hair is excessively coarse or wild though, you may do better to keep it longer, since the weight of the hair does a lot to make such hair types manageable. For ethnic hair, such as African-American hair, using a mild relaxer may give the hair the desired texture to achieve this look. Be aware that hair relaxers are very damaging. The hair and scalp must be in top condition before application. For very fine, thin hair, this hairstyle is not recommended. To style the hair, you have a few options. 

Curlers are a classic, but curling irons and flat irons also do the job. Curlers are best applied when the hair is wet. Curlers that heat up, called hot rollers, are good for stubborn hair types that normally refuse to take a curl. Then the hair can be curled as desired. The tightness and size of the curl will depend on the barrel size of the curling iron. A flat-iron is one of the newest ways to curl hair. A smaller plate, usually a half-inch or less, will be necessary for curling short hair. The hair will pop up into a lovely curl. No matter your age, short curly hair is something to consider trying.

Short Hair - Short Bob Haircuts

There are numerous kinds of short bob hairstyle that you can select one that appeals the most. Probably the most popular short bob haircuts include inverted bob, pixie bob haircut, curly bob, blunt bob, short shag, etc. With much improvisation, bob haircuts in 2011, have evolved in variety. Bob cuts suit all sorts of face. To go for an intimate bob, either you will need curly hair or will have to style your hair curly. Soft body curls look awesome with this particular style. If you do not have curly hair, then make use of these tips to curl your hair. On wet hair apply curling hair serum with a strong hold; alternatively, you may also use sea salt spray. 

Seventies Hairstyles For 2011

Over the years, different celebrities have sported hairstyles from decades ago and have been able to pull it off. Apparently, the trend continues this year, as some celebrities are already sporting seventies hairstyles in red carpet events or their everyday routines. If you want to be in the loop with the latest hairstyles, here are some of the hairstyles of the seventies you could have one in the salon.

Big Loose Curls and Strawberry Blonde Hair - who could ever forget the signature Farrah Fawcett hairstyle? Even if a number of celebrities in her time also adapted the hairstyle, they were not as popular for it as Farrah had been. If she could even be compared, Farrah Fawcett was Jennifer Aniston two decades earlier. The Bieber - believe it or not, Justin Bieber's hairstyle is from the seventies. If you're familiar with the Beatles, you will notice an uncanny resemblance between Justin Bieber's 'do and The Beatles'. There are a lot more hairstyles from the seventies that seem to be coming back these days. 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bob Hair Cuts

Many celebrities sport bob styles with confidence on the red carpet. Bob hairstyles give charming looks without any hassles. There are many types of bob haircuts. They include layered bob haircuts, short bob haircuts, medium bob, bobs with bangs, angled bob hairstyles and very long bob cuts. Layered bob haircuts are very trendy right now. They suit anyone with straight hair. However, if you have wavy or curly hair, don't get a layered bob. Layers will make the hair look more puffy. Layered bobs are suitable for thin, straight hair. Short layers add volume while long layers add flow.

Traditionally, bob hair cuts were about chin length. Now, people are getting more experimental with bobs. Many people opt for short bob hair cuts. They look amazing on women with long necks and angular faces. More and more people are considering fringes or bangs for their bob haircuts. Bangs vary in length and longer bangs can look like fringes. Celebrities like Rhianna and Emma Watson have bobs with bangs.

Long bob haircuts are very graceful. The versatility of bob hairstyles makes the hairstyle very popular with people of all ages. 

2011 Hairstyles

In 2011 hairstyles are all about movement. Styles are seen to be moving due to clever hair cutting and styling techniques, for example slashed layers, brushed in various directions, give the illusion of very free moving hair, even if it is held in place with a spray. Lines are dynamic, from arc shaped fringes, to intricate braids, giving extra dimensions to hairstyles and adding interesting twists.

The other noticable trend for 2011 hairstyles, is a candy floss texture. With blunt, thick, long bangs / fringes popular in 2011, a center parting is a way to wear the hair on days that you maybe do not have time to style the thick, blunt fringed look. 2011 hairstyles are seen to contain lots of interesting new braiding techniques. Incorporating a braid into your hair, really looks great and updates any style. You can also buy pre braided hair extensions, that can be clipped in and wound around the head.

The other look is big hair, voluminous, but not harsh. Voluminous hair should be softened by using gentle teasing with a comb and sea salt spray. Long hairstyles in 2011 can also be lush, that is, long full and in excellent condition, with perfectly formed waves. Panels of hair color that give the illusion of shine and hairstyles that have different shades in the tips or roots are also popular. Search for some pictures of 2011 hairstyles to find something you like and then consult your local hair stylist, who will be well informed on how to achieve the latest 2011 hairstyle looks.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Trendy Hairstyles For Women

Trends don't emerge from nothing. It's the reaffirmation of signals that if you observe are everywhere in the previous season. When the trend is too widespread, what begins to emerge are signs of what is coming next. Then we could talk of what is really trendy, when it is seen on the streets and in the magazines.
Still trendy hairstyles - high and smooth horse tails, or more simple and contained in the neck, with an infant and fresh look. The wavy hair looks great when it is short. If you want to give new life to your style, resort to the classic and elegant hairstyles you will be very good decision.
The diadems are back, and with them you can wear your hair loose without having to suffer with hair that attempts to get out of position. This trendy women's hairstyle looks good during the day, but if you want to give a touch of elegance for the night, look for a headband with glare. If you want to keep discreet and simple but trendy hairstyles, pick a french twist is a great way to look good in a classic style.
It is not always necessary that the hair is perfectly fixed in place. See how you can experience picking your hair at the nape with a fake Bob.
The long bangs are diagonally attached to a very good long mane. Take care that the rest of the hair follows the same undulation of the fringe and achieve uniformity in the hairstyle.
For the fall of your hair to be more lucider, use tongs to mark some curls from the middle of your hair to the tips. So you get a 'look' cool but well-groomed.

Wedding Hair Styles

Your wedding hairstyle will be noticed by everyone that attends this very important event. And because the wedding hairstyle you choose is so important, it is necessary that you spend some time choosing the best wedding hairstyle for you.

What kind of wedding hairstyle best suits you and your personality?

For high necked gowns, an up do might be a better wedding hairstyle for your dress.

Other ideas for wedding hairstyles

Some classic styles of wedding hairstyles never go out of style and will always make a statement at a wedding. For a more glamorous wedding hairstyle, wearing your hair in a topknot is a wonderful choice. For women with shorter hair, there are many options for your wedding hairstyle as well. This sleek wedding hairstyle is a good option for women with very short hair. Another option for short hair wedding hairstyles is to utilize a curling iron. Use decorative bobby pins or same colored bobby pins to secure your new wedding hairstyle in place.

For those simple wedding hairstyles, one well placed hair clip can create the most beautiful look. Accessories such as lace bows or ribbons can take an ordinary wedding hairstyle and turn it into an unforgettable wedding hairstyle. The key to achieving the most amazing wedding hairstyle ever is creativity and thought.