Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Short Haircuts For Women - Some Ideas to Re-Invent Your Hair

Executive Summary By Hailey J

One of the major benefits to having a short hair cut is how easy it can be to maintain and take care of. If you want to make the transition from long to short or if you just want some fresh ideas for making your short hair turn heads - this article is going to introduce you to the current styles that are taking over the world! Think Brittany Murphy - this style is especially popular with younger women. What makes a shag a shag is the many different layers that are cut into the hair. The Crop Haircut.

It is a big step to cut hair so short and not everyone can pull this one off. Mrs Beckham managed it though - and so can you, especially if you have thick, straight hair or Afro hair. The Pixie Haircut.

The pixie cut is in fact a classic and even the glamorous Audrey Hepburn favored this style. Again, like the crop - it is a huge transformation if you are going from long hair to the pixie. If you are proud of your facial features - a pixie cut will bring those features forward. Slightly wavy hair, an oval, heart-shaped or square face are the best matches for this short do.

The Sedu Haircut.

Sedu hair basically means straightened hair that is sleek and soft in appearance. Katie Holmes probably uses straightening irons to make her short cut so silky. The Sedu can be flexible in that it suits most hair types.

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